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Teddy Bear Ballet

Our Teddy Bear Ballet program follows an amazing introductory Ballet and Creative Movement curriculum featuring movement with their teddy bear buddy. Each class we work on fundamental movement skills with focus on travelling skills (like skipping), balance movements (like spinning), staying in place, waiting their turn and making new friends while having fun!

Acrobatic classes is for little dancers who love to go upside-down and all around! This exciting class is taught by our certified Acro instructors and will provide guided learning through the Acrobatique syllabi. Dancers will love learning the fundamentals of dance, while focusing on fun traveling skills such as galloping and balance movements.

This class focuses on tap utilizing Dance Prodigy Studios’ syllabus which provides dancers with a deep understanding of rhythm and timing. Your dancer will learn classic steps, and might be inspired to become the next Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers!

We offer Beginning Ballet I and II classes following a proven Ballet syllabus, which promotes a strong technical base, grace, and quality of movement. Ballet compliments all disciplines of dance – it’s a dancer’s bread and butter!




Learn fun new movements while also learning Hip Hop technique. This is an exciting class that’s fun for both girls and boys too! Dancers will learn fundamental movement skills with focus on rhythm, musicality, traveling skills (like sliding) and movement, such as rolling and stopping).

Ballet Levels I+

Of all the styles of dance offered at Dance Prodigy Studios, ballet is perhaps the most challenging. Students require a lot of training and dedication in order to become successful ballet dancers. By the same token, the results are all the more rewarding.

What Ballet Method & Technique Dance Prodigy Studios Utilizes

We follow the Vaganova method when we approach our class structure, safety, and technique.  We incorporate some arm and body placement from the Balanchine method in our more advanced ballet and pointe classes.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor. Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music.

***All dancers that wish to take a Contemporary class are required to enroll in at least one Ballet class in addition to their Contemporary class.


Our classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.

Tap focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork, creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer’s feet. Just like jazz vocalists who add rhythms to music by scatting, tappers add their voice by scatting with their feet.

This class is absolutely perfect for your child. You’ll love it because they get to dance and have fun, while you enjoy some free time. Plus, they’ll be worn out when they get home (yay for good sleep).


Acro’s roots are in traditional Chinese dance, later appearing as a favoured style on the Vaudeville stage. More recently, acro gained popularity with the wide spread success of the contemporary circus productions of Cirque du Soleil. Main stream media including dance television programs like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’ and ‘Dance Moms’ have further fuelled it’s demand in amateur competitive dance and studio settings.

Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength.

Hip Hop

This genre of music spawned several new styles of dance, the most popular of which is break dancing. Our hip-hop, break-dancing and krumping guru will show you the moves in this fun, energetic class.


This class is absolutely perfect for your child. You’ll love it because they get to dance and have fun, while you enjoy some free time. Plus, they’ll be worn out when they get home (yay for good sleep).

DPS Hip Hop Crew

The DPS Hip-Hop Crew is for students who love street dance and want to enter the competitive world.  Our Hip-Hop Crew attends competitions and conventions and performs locally at festivals, events and showcases.

**This program is only by audition or invitation.  If interested please contact Miss Pam to schedule your interview with Miss Chloe.

Community Work

Our Hip-Hop Crew and Competitive dancers not only work hard in the studio, at competitions and onstage. They also volunteer to perform at community and non-profit events throughout the North Texas, Greenville, Caddo Mills & Commerce communities at

  • Rally Around Greenville
  • Halloween on the Square
  • Caddo Mills Fox Fest
  • Drug Free Greenville
  • Local Nursing Homes

These dancers strive to set a positive example through dance wherever they go. This is what has also given our studio recognition as a prompt, outgoing, and courteous team of dancers and dance educators.

Year Round Dance Company Program

Through our dance company we offer your dancer a chance to improve their stage presence, further their training and give them more opportunities to perform.

Our mission is to take your pre-professional dancer to a level of dance they never thought they could reach.

We believe through a positive and safe environment we can take your dancer and help them become the dancer they have always dreamed they could be.

Our dance teams and their individual dancer members have won many awards at Regional and National events in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels of competition.

Benefits include (but are not limited to):

-Technique, Strength & Flexibility Improvement

-Extra Performance Opportunities

-Respect for Others and Your Elders


-Master Class Opportunities & MUCH More!

Our Pre-Professional Ballet Program is open to students 10+ who are serious about ballet.  Students are expected to attend class 5+ days each week in dress code with proper footwear.  Our Pre-Professional students are expected to perform in our yearly non-profit ballet fundraiser, compete at the Youth American Grand Prix and audition for summer intensives as their technique progresses.  If your dancer is serious about ballet, we would seriously love to have them in our program. **This program is by audition only.  Please contact Miss Pam to schedule a meeting with Miss Rachel.